Make-up remover routine for the Christmas holidays

Make-up remover routine

Although there are still a few days left for the big Christmas celebrations, this special Christmas atmosphere is already in the streets and homes. And is that at these dates we are immersed in various parties, meetings with friends, meals, dinners or family gatherings. These are days where magic and illusion are very present; And in terms of makeup, we can also let ourselves be carried away by those darker touches and touches. Now, you also have to be aware of the importance of removing makeup later.

The keys to enhance a lasting and good holiday make-up this Christmas are: to be resistant to the passing of the hours, cold, heat and friction. As well as the use of gold, silver and copper tones or the incorporation of details with glitter, green and red colors, characteristic of this era. Every year every detail of the make-up that we are going to wear is prepared with dedication so as not to leave anyone indifferent, both the little ones accompanying their costumes and the older ones when preparing for a party.

The ultimate goal of this is to achieve a lasting makeup, easy to apply, but even easier to remove. All that amount of paint and bright color that we have applied will have to disappear, as well as the accumulated dirt. “The skin always needs us to do an important cleaning, and more when we have made up. The pores of the skin have to breathe and hydrate, “explains Genoveva Lucena, a pharmacist at Farmacia la Espartería in Córdoba.

Another very important point when putting on makeup is knowing how to choose the paints well, you must always use hypoallergenic products and dermatologically tested since the use of makeup that does not meet these standards can cause the appearance of an irritant dermatitis. “Before using the makeup, it is recommended to make a test of the same on the inside of the wrist, this way in addition to checking the tone, we can also see if we cause any reaction or redness,” says Marta Alcalde, vocal Dermopharmacy and Health Products of the Official College of Pharmacists of Barcelona (COFB). Cosmetic makeup should be easy to apply on the skin, have a uniform distribution, avoid shine and not look like a mask.Make-up remover routine

But before applying makeup, it is necessary to perform some prior care. Cleaning and hydration are two fundamental steps. “It is necessary to make good facial hygiene always adapting the product to the needs of the skin and the personal habits of each person; subsequently apply an appropriate treatment that meets the needs and expectations of women providing maximum comfort to your skin, “says Mayor. For his part, Lucena clarifies that “we must properly hydrate the skin with a cream or gel, in this way we will condition the skin protecting it from makeup, and making it last much longer”.

How should we remove makeup and with what products?

Once the party and fun are over, the most tedious part of the cosmetic routine arrives, but it is the most important one in terms of skin care: remove makeup. Going to sleep with makeup is a mistake since it can have serious consequences on the skin such as irritations, clogging pores, leaving pimples, redness and a long list of other negative consequences. So doing a proper cleaning is important, because when we do makeup we are not only removing the paint but also removing dead skin cells and all those harmful agents such as dust, pollution or pollution to which we are exposed all day.

In the case of children, Mayor affirms that cleanliness becomes more important. “It is a very sensitive skin and therefore it is essential to remove all traces of makeup to avoid redness, irritation, or even eczema.”

To make the skin completely clean, the pharmacist recommends ” extending the product evenly on the face or in the area that we have made, let it act for a few minutes to dissolve well and proceed to remove it with a cotton pad”. The products recommended by the Dermopharmacy member according to the type of skin are: “the use of cleansing milk and tonic for dry and very dry skin, together with the use of a mask every 15 days; the use of water gels and micellar solutions, together with the periodic use of an exfoliant and a mask, for mixed skin; and the use of gels to the water and periodic masks and exfoliants adapted for the type of skin in the case of oily skin “.

For the eye area, due to the sensitivity of the same, always use a specific product adapted to the area that provides a soft and effective cleaning “that is non-irritating, bacteriologically pure and above all that suits the type of makeup, normal or resistant to water, applied “says Mayor.

In the case of having atopic dermatitis, the cleaning products will have to be without soap, without preservatives, and without perfumes, since the skin is very sensitive and that would affect negatively. “The use of gel-cream products is recommended to eliminate impurities and make-up while maintaining skin hydration. To complete the cleaning you can use thermal water with soothing properties, it is vaporized on the face, it is left to act for 30 seconds and then it is dried with a tissue paper, “advises Mayor.

“The product should be removed from the center of the face towards the sides, always following this movement”, explains Lucena. In the same line, he recommends the use of a product that helps us maintain healthy skin, thus avoiding imperfections, such as black spots, loss of luminosity or dehydration. ” Micellar water is a hydrocopter of impurities, and in contact with dirt removes it by absorption. It captures a large amount of waste and respects the structure of the cutaneous physiological barrier, “says Mayor. For his part, Lucena confirms that “it can be used daily, as many times as necessary, since it does not irritate or damage the skin”.

However, when removing makeup there are many accessories to perform that cleaning, but not all are adequate. Sponges, horsehair gloves or brushes are not advisable because they can develop bacteria. It is also not advisable to use a dry cotton, as it could irritate the skin. “On the other hand, the skin should never be allowed to dry in the open air, since the evaporation of water causes dehydration, always dry it with a soft towel or a tissue,” says the Dermopharmacy vowel.

After cleaning, you have to moisturize the skin so it does not get damaged, but one treatment or another will be recommended depending on each need and type of skin. “A dry skin may need a moisturizer or a nutritive, a mixed skin may need a hydration or antiaging action and oily skin may require matting and reduce pores in addition to hydrate,” advises Mayor.


In addition to facial care, it is also important to clean and care for hair after the application of products in hairstyles, as well as instant dyes. Therefore, you should use a shampoo to ensure proper removal of them. This also has to adapt to the hair type that each person has and will serve to eliminate the different products since these usually contain ingredients that regress the scalp and can clog the follicles. “The washing will be done gently massaging the scalp, it will rinse with plenty of warm water and dry with a hairdryer, but at a certain distance to avoid excess heat dehydrate or irritate the scalp,” says Mayor.

If we do not eliminate dye residues or aggressive products for the hair and scalp, it can cause“as in the skin, irritation with reddening and redness of the scalp, and dryness of the hair can cause fragility and even breakage of the same. “, Concludes Lucena.

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