How to moisturize dried hair

moisturize dried hair

Moisturizing the hair helps protect the threads from the action of the sun, the cold and the wind, giving health, shine, and softness to the yarn throughout the year. In addition to moisturizing, it is also very important to take care of the hair carefully, always drying gently with a towel and using a heat shield, always before using the dryer and the iron.

The various ways to moisturize your hair can be discussed with your dermatologist or hairdresser, especially when it comes to painted or damaged hair with a heavy drop, dandruff or folliculitis, for example.moisturize dried hair

1. Use little amount of shampoo

Using too much shampoo opens the hair strands, resecting them. Therefore, a small amount should be used and remove well with warm water in abundance so as to eliminate any residue, washing only if necessary.

2. Apply a moisturizing cream

Applying a moisturizing cream is very important as it helps replenish the water the wires lose over time and reduce dryness and frizz effect. The products that can be used are the Loreal Absolut Repair or Ducray Nutricerat Intense Nutrition Mask, for example, and should be applied throughout the hair avoiding to pass in the root. You can also add Bepantol solution in the daily use cream, thus increasing its hydration capacity.

3. Pass a Serum

moisturize dried hair

Serum can be applied to the hair without having to go through water, which makes it work longer. The products that can be used are the Loreal Absolut Repair Serum, Serum C.Kamura or Wella, for example, to finish avoiding frizz, shaggy hair and double ends.

4. Capillary cauterization

Capillary Cauterization is a deep moisturizing technique that closes the structure of the wires in order to stop frizz, reduce the volume and promote the softness, hydration and brightness of the wires, using keratin and heat.

Capillary cauterization can be done at home or at the beauty salon, however it should be performed in hairdressing salons. This procedure will promote the reconstruction and sealing of the cuticle of damaged, fragile and brittle wires. Maintenance of treatment should be done every 3 or 4 months. Learn more about capillary cauterization .

5. Capillary reconstruction

Capillary reconstruction is a technique that helps replenish keratin hair, and should be done every 15 days, especially when using many chemical processes in hair. In cases where not many products are used in the hair, the reconstruction can be done only once a month, since the excess of keratin can make the hair strands very rigid and brittle. Learn more about this procedure .

6. Capillary Botox

Capillary botox is a type of intensive treatment that in addition to moisturizing hair, also smoothes and gives shine to the wires. This procedure can be performed at home, however best results are obtained when this is performed by a trained professional. See more about botox capillary .

7. Capillary sealing

Capillary sealing is a moisturizing technique very similar to cauterization, but apart from leaving the threads without frizz and totally sealed, it also smoothes the hair.

This technique consists of washing the hair with anti-waste shampoo, applying various products such as mask, keratin and vitamin ampoule, drying the hair with a dryer and passing the plaque at the end to seal the wires. Learn more about capillary sealing.

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